About The Brand

Owning and operating Altar has been defined by Cassie Ridgway's labor of love and perseverance. Cassie's passion for sustainably produced and ethically manufactured apparel is her driving force and has kept Cassie laser-focused on making the company better by the year. Her aesthetic sensibilities are always sort of changing, but she has consistently been inspired by desert color stories, moody floral motifs, art deco filigrees, and modern art. Altar celebrates independent manufacturers and artists from across North America with a focus on the stories that are woven into their work. They use the phrase, “objects with meaning” because they believe in sharing the unique stories behind the pieces. Their clothing is made in America using deadstock materials and serves size gradations from small to 6XL. Ethical manufacturing guidelines and sustainable practices take many forms and narratives, and Altar is always committed to discovering new ways to improve upon both. The brand is committed to diversity and inclusivity in its hiring practices, product sourcing, visual content, and core values.

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