Our sustainability criteria guarantees that every product on Consciously has been sourced and vetted to match our values in two or more ways. We do the due diligence so you can look and feel good with the peace of mind that you’re doing good too.

Fair Trade

When you see this symbol, you can be sure that every single person in the brand's supply chain is being treated and paid fairly. The Fair Trade organization is a respected force in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility that works closely on the ground with brands and suppliers to make certain that safe conditions, environmental protection, and the empowerment of communities is prioritized.


Vegan goods are always completely free of any animal products and byproducts. Additionally, Consciously goes the extra mile to be sure these products don’t harm or impact the environment, so all our Vegan products are either plant-based or bio-fabricated. You won’t find any dubious pleather here.


Handwork not only preserves traditional craftsmanship, but also cultivates conscious consumerism through offering unique pieces that are usually limited edition. Some or all parts of our Handwork items are made or crafted, well, by hand. They typically take longer to make due to the care and creativity that goes into them and are produced by highly skilled artisans.


At the heart of a conscious community is honesty. Our Transparent brands are committed to lifting the veil on their manufacturing process and being real with you about where your pieces come from. This means they know exactly who their suppliers are, what conditions their workers are in, and how much they’re getting paid.


We're committed to championing businesses started by womxn. Why? Because we know that when the world invests in womxn, everybody wins. And, because it's the right thing to do. The exceptional womxn who have founded these brands are solving real problems in their respective industries and providing meaningful solutions, all while creating beautiful products.


What makes humanity beautiful, just like nature, is the incredible diversity amongst us people. Unfortunately fashion, like most industries, rarely reflects that and has a serious representation problem that needs to be addressed. Consciously proudly celebrates BIPOC-Owned brands, and by shopping this value, you're supporting those with unique voices and extraordinary creativity.

Small Batch

Small Batch production is a conscious and intentional approach to manufacturing. By producing less, Small Batch brands can manage their supply chains more effectively while minimizing their environmental impact. These tend to be limited edition, so snag that exclusive piece to add that special touch to your life.

Eco Friendly

Our Eco Friendly items are crafted from organic, recycled, deadstock and/or non-toxic dyed materials and textiles. Organic pieces haven't been treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, bleach, formaldehyde, or GMOS. Recycled fabrics are made from post-industrial and post-consumer waste -- used plastic bottles, polyester, fishing nets, you name it. Deadstock fabrics breathe new life into products that didn't sell or were overproduced. Non-toxic dyes are either plant-based or don't contain harmful chemicals. Better for you, better for the planet.