About The Brand

YesAnd was founded by Marci Zaroff who has been revolutionizing fashion since the 1990’s when she coined and trademarked the word “EcoFashion.” She recognized that fashion was largely excluded from sustainability conversations and says, “Looking and feeling fabulous shouldn’t come at the expense of living in harmony with the environment.” The brand works with fabrics like organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell in an effort to keep microplastics out of our ocean ecosystems, and for human health. YesAnd possesses the GOTS certification (fun fact - Marci was actually part of the group that helped establish the GOTS standard!). YesAnd brings Marci’s vision of marrying style and sustainability so we can all wear the change we wish to see. YesAnd is working to track each of their product’s origins, from seed to skin, using blockchain technology. You can scan the QR code sewn into your YesAnd pieces to learn more about the journey of the product. We are proud to work with a brand so committed to creating fashion that helps humanity thrive. When you purchase a YesAnd product, a tree is planted for you!

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