Wise River

About The Brand

Wise River, founded by Nick Sciubba, a 13-year veteran of the apparel industry, is more than just a brand. Wise River is a movement to spread awareness, inspire action, and build a community based on the idea that your gear can be a vehicle for positive impact. Nick, driven by his deep concern for the environment, established Wise River to redefine outdoor gear. The brand's vision is to blend sustainability and versatility into every Wise River product, allowing you to get more out of your clothing while minimizing its impact on the surroundings. Based in sunny Denver, Colorado, with the distinguished Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, Wise River draws inspiration from these rugged environments, reflecting their ethos in everything they create. The brand's commitment to sustainability is unwavering. From materials sourced ethically and sustainably to the meticulous consideration of environmental impacts, they create products that embody their motto: "outdoor gear that is kind to the outdoors." Their focus extends to the skilled individuals crafting each piece, ensuring fair wages and safe conditions. Wise River has personally assessed each facility they collaborate with, from Honduras to Taiwan, China, and Canada. The brand's commitment to responsible adventure shines through every product they offer.

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