Will & Atlas

About The Brand

Will & Atlas blends timeless craftsmanship with modern design, offering an array of fair trade, artisanal home goods, and accessories. Born from a love for quality handcrafted pieces, their collection includes items like paintings that bring joy, baskets that snugly fit by your favorite chair, and versatile tote bags that always seem to hold everything you need. Will & Atlas believes in quality over quantity, emphasizing that items built to last generations transcend trends and are worth the investment. Each item they offer has a unique story, crafted by skilled hands. Central to their mission is their artisan partnerships with local non-governmental organizations (NGO/nonprofit) in Bangladesh that were established in the 1980's and partner directly with women artists. Through this strong network, they provide women across the country with childcare, schooling, medical care, financial management training and micro loans to expand their own earning potential. These organizations not only care about the production of quality products but their top priority is supporting the women, their families and their communities at large.

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