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About The Brand

Rachel is an entrepreneur and curator who always knew she wanted to start her own company. Her love of sustainability began at fashion school in San Francisco. After graduation, she dove into her career hustling from the bottom up by packaging boxes in a warehouse and managing 70 employees for a fashion tech start-up. She was determined to learn the ins and outs of the industry through lived experience and hard work. For 6 years she did just that. Fed up with the dishonest and harmful practices within fashion, she finally went her own way. Rachel launched Whimsy + Row in 2014 in West Los Angeles. Her time within the industry inspired Rachel to create a brand without excess waste or egos. Since it’s founding, Whimsy + Row has intentionally been an eco-friendly, accepting, and loving brand. Their limited-run batches are handcrafted under ethical conditions in Los Angeles. All of their clothing is made within a few miles from their office, meaning they can visit factories weekly to ensure fair wages are given and the workers are being treated fairly. By using only locally sourced, upcycled, and low-impact materials, Whimsy + Row creates quality pieces that will last for years to come. They seek out the best eco-friendly fabrics to bring you flirty and effortless pieces that are as stylish as they are sustainable. In their efforts to be completely zero-waste and close the loop, Whimsy + Row recycles every scrap of material in their production process. They choose low-impact fabrics like linen, viscose, Tencel, and rayon which biodegrade faster than synthetic fabrics and use substantially less water to create. Their pieces are only made using recycled water. By refusing to use new water, they leave more water for humans, plants, and animals. Whimsy + Row cuts limited quantities and specifically designs in small batches each season. This way the pieces they make are unique and waste-free. They favor ethical production over mass production.

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