The New Blak

About The Brand

The New Blak founder, Amanda, previously worked in chain stores where she witnessed the detrimental effects of fast-fashion and mass production firsthand. After observing the immense waste, the promotion of disposable clothing, and the pressures to overbuy, she knew that she wanted and needed to help the apparel industry. Amanda created The New Blak to provide customers with better buying options for quality clothing. The New Blak relies heavily on sustainable bamboo and organic cotton fabric, and sources all fabrics from trusted ethical and sustainable wholesale companies in Canada and the United States. The New Blak strives for transparency so their customer knows how their products were made. The New Blak ensures that products made by their artisans match their ideals for ethical/sustainable production. When there are excess fabric scraps, New Black does not discard them, but integrates them into other parts of the dressmaking process or uses them in other products. The New Blak team makes each garment with love in Louisville, Kentucky. Amanda, the fashion designer/owner of The New Blak, is also the Head Seamstress and utilizes 7+ years of sewing experience to create timeless garments. 

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