Soluna Collective

About The Brand

Soluna Collective is designed in Portland, Oregon, and handmade in India and Peru. Each piece is made with love and intention. They primarily work with organic cotton, linen, alpaca, and Tencel with GOTS certified dyes and woven on traditional handlooms. All artisans that work with Soluna Collective are paid a fair wage, work in safe conditions, have the right to collective bargaining, and are treated with respect. The brand's mission is to work closely with the artisans and suppliers to improve the employee's lives and the communities that support them. Soluna Collective looks at water usage, energy consumption, ecological footprint, the toxicity of chemicals, eutrophication, CO2 emissions, and end-of-life when selecting which materials to use for their products. Most of their fabrics contain at least one aspect of it being made by hand (weaving), while others are  100% handmade. That means the entire process from the growing of the cotton, spinning, dyeing, and weaving of the fabric have all been completely done by hand. Soluna Collective promises to work every day to uphold and improve their commitment to the planet and the people who make up their company. They strive to expand their knowledge of sustainable resources, manufacturing practices, and environmental stewardship. The materials they use are naturally occurring (mostly cellulose fibers) or recycled, and their dyes are low impact or natural.