Sara Patino

About The Brand

Sara Patino Jewelry is for women who take a mindful approach to living life and want to make a difference. It's a collection dedicated to timelessly modern ease and earth-friendly practices. Founded by Sara Patino who worked as a designer in the jewelry fast fashion industry and then travelled overseas to discover that much of the jewelry metal and gem mining industry treats the earth and its people poorly. In turn, Sara created her own brand where each piece is made with care and kindness to the environment with recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. All pieces are made by hand with 100% recycled gold, silver, or brass. About 90% of it is sourced locally, and the other 10% is sourced within the United States. By choosing to access metal locally, they reduce their carbon footprint and support their local community. In addition to sourcing recycled metals, they meticulously collect, reuse, and recycle their own scrap metal and other unused materials in order to minimize the environmental impact of their production. Selecting a piece from Sara Patino Jewelry increases the demand for artisan handcraft job opportunities within their studio, and with each jewelry purchase they donate towards environmental initiatives.