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By nature, Saisei’s seamless technology offers a sustainable solution, using circular knitting to reduce waste in production. But the brand is also realistic about human nature and aims to balance consumer desire with real needs. That’s why every product they develop not only looks great, but is functional, comfortable and designed to last. Durability and quality are at the forefront when Saisei develops their fabrics, but they use sustainable fibers wherever possible. Their recycled nylon is stronger and softer than most other underwear and activewear fabrics. It’s made from pre-consumer waste in a special process that reduces energy consumption by 77% and CO2 emissions by 75%. Many of their garments contain ECONYL® yarns, a regenerated nylon created from waste. It’s exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated, and remolded again and again. The majority of their fabrics are dyed using eco-friendly machines such as NRG by Flainox, which can save up to 70% water and electricity compared to the industry average. Saisei’s raw materials are certified by the Global Recycled Standard, ensuring a high recycled yarn content. And their garments have OEKO-TEX® certification, meaning that every one of their products have been tested for harmful substances. Saisei’s manufacturers have the highest standards in both eco and ethical responsibility, including factories that are powered by solar energy.

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