About The Brand

Saeyri means poetry. Their modern jewelry is designed for those with an eclectic taste; crafted with classic tools by artisans rooted in local traditions. Each Saeyri piece is a medium of artistic expression, for both the maker and the wearer; designed with love by Rujuta and Manasvi who want to create jewelry that transcends time - to be well loved, to be shared. Their designs are made in small batches, with intention and attention to detail. The jewelry is handmade by Artisans in India, who bring an uncanny understanding of materials and mastery over the craft; breathing life into each Saeyri and making it their own expression. There is an ingenuity about each fold, turn, texture and joint – it’s hard to tell the difference between aesthetics and wearability, art and science. A profound reminder, amidst the quest for survival, that it’s critical we nurture this creative spirit that has traveled through the ebbs and flows of history. At Saeyri, they want to be a platform for these artisans around the world.

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