Carnelian Queen RingCarnelian Queen Ring
Carnelian Queen Ring Sale price$178.00
Ray of Light Lapis RingRay of Light Lapis Ring
Ray of Light Lapis Ring Sale price$178.00
Deep Pearl RingDeep Pearl Ring
Deep Pearl Ring Sale price$68.00
Figaro Chain Ring Ring Katie Dean Jewelry Figaro Chain Ring Ring Katie Dean Jewelry
Figaro Chain Ring Sale price$45.00
Save $18.00
Yimbo Scooped Ring - ConsciouslyYimbo Scooped Ring - Consciously
Yimbo Scooped Ring Sale price$42.00 Regular price$60.00
Two Gem RingTwo Gem Ring
Two Gem Ring Sale price$55.00
Three Gem RingThree Gem Ring
Three Gem Ring Sale price$55.00
Spiral RingSpiral Ring
Spiral Ring Sale price$30.00
Small Dome RingSmall Dome Ring
Small Dome Ring Sale price$60.00
Save $20.00
Rectangle RingRectangle Ring
Rectangle Ring Sale price$35.00 Regular price$55.00
Moon RingMoon Ring
Moon Ring Sale price$45.00
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Little Dipper RingLittle Dipper Ring
Little Dipper Ring Sale price$60.00
Hammered Band Ring (Gold)Hammered Band Ring (Gold)
Hammered Band Ring (Gold) Sale price$35.00
Save $15.00
Hammered Band Ring (Silver)Hammered Band Ring (Silver)
Hammered Band Ring (Silver) Sale price$15.00 Regular price$30.00
Female Symbol RingFemale Symbol Ring
Female Symbol Ring Sale price$45.00
Evil Eye RingEvil Eye Ring
Evil Eye Ring Sale price$60.00
Eight Pointed Star RingEight Pointed Star Ring
Eight Pointed Star Ring Sale price$55.00
Dotted RingDotted Ring
Dotted Ring Sale price$35.00
Coin RingCoin Ring
Coin Ring Sale price$35.00
Beaded RingBeaded Ring
Beaded Ring Sale price$35.00
Bar With Gem RingBar With Gem Ring
Bar With Gem Ring Sale price$60.00
Mama RingMama Ring
Mama Ring Sale price$60.00
Birthstone Ring (December - Lt. Sapphire)Birthstone Ring (December - Lt. Sapphire)
Birthstone Ring (November - Topaz)Birthstone Ring (November - Topaz)
Birthstone Ring (October - Rose)Birthstone Ring (October - Rose)
Birthstone Ring (September - Sapphire)Birthstone Ring (September - Sapphire)
Birthstone Ring (August - Peridot)Birthstone Ring (August - Peridot)
Birthstone Ring (July - Ruby)Birthstone Ring (July - Ruby)
Birthstone Ring (June - Lt. Amethyst)Birthstone Ring (June - Lt. Amethyst)
Sold out
Birthstone Ring (May - Emerald)Birthstone Ring (May - Emerald)
Birthstone Ring (April - Crystal)Birthstone Ring (April - Crystal)
Birthstone Ring (March - Aquamarine)Birthstone Ring (March - Aquamarine)
Birthstone Ring (February - Amethyst)Birthstone Ring (February - Amethyst)
Birthstone Ring (January - Siam)Birthstone Ring (January - Siam)
Beaded Heart RingBeaded Heart Ring
Beaded Heart Ring Sale price$60.00
Artist Face RingArtist Face Ring
Artist Face Ring Sale price$60.00
Tiny Dots RingTiny Dots Ring
Tiny Dots Ring Sale price$54.00
Gold Stacking Ring with White TopazGold Stacking Ring with White Topaz
Chain RingChain Ring
Chain Ring Sale price$64.00
Wrapping Flora RingWrapping Flora Ring
Wrapping Flora Ring Sale price$188.00
Seeded Eternity Ring (Gold)Seeded Eternity Ring (Gold)
Seeded Eternity Ring (Gold) Sale price$119.00
Onyx Stem Ring (Silver)Onyx Stem Ring (Silver)
Onyx Stem Ring (Silver) Sale price$148.00
Onyx Stem Ring (Gold)Onyx Stem Ring (Gold)
Onyx Stem Ring (Gold) Sale price$168.00
Onyx Phoenix Band RingOnyx Phoenix Band Ring
Onyx Phoenix Band Ring Sale price$188.00
On sale
Mind's Eye RingMind's Eye Ring
Mind's Eye Ring Sale priceFrom $119.00 Regular price$164.00
Luna y Sol Signet RingLuna y Sol Signet Ring
Luna y Sol Signet Ring Sale price$168.00
Lock Link RingLock Link Ring
Lock Link Ring Sale price$156.00
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Itty Big Band Ring (Silver)Itty Big Band Ring (Silver)
Itty Big Band Ring (Silver) Sale priceFrom $158.00 Regular price$225.00
Baguette Ring Ring Katie Dean Jewelry Baguette Ring Ring Katie Dean Jewelry
Baguette Ring Sale price$55.00