About The Brand

Momoc was founded by Gabriela Machado with the intention to provide women with elegant and ecological shoes to wear to the office. Gabriela knew from the beginning that Momoc had to be manufactured in Spain, specifically in Elda, Alicante. It is their way of supporting the local economy and ensuring that Spanish crafts do not disappear. Sustainability is one of Momoc's core values. They are constantly researching new and better sustainable materials with the aim of minimizing their environmental impact, without forgetting the quality of their products. Reducing CO2 and water consumption is key for Momoc. Most of their suppliers, the factory and the warehouse are located in the same area helping to maintain very low CO2 emissions, almost zero. By using recycled materials and ecological microfiber, Momoc saves up to 8,000 liters of water for each pair of shoes produced. Their sustainability practices do not stop there; they are constantly investigating new ways to use ecological and recycled materials, always adding a chic touch. Momoc donates 2% of their profits to non-profit organizations whose main objective is reforestation and the reintegration of animals into their natural habitat and/or the conservation of those animals that due to their circumstances cannot be reintegrated.

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