Meesha Farzaneh

About The Brand

Meesha's journey began when she was faced with the misfortune of undergoing 3 very invasive surgeries in 2017 which prevented her from engaging in any to activities that involved much mobility. She began learning how to design and create handmade textile art which became an outlet for her during her long recovery. Since then, she has continued her path to other forms of art and has developed a unique line of jewelry and homewares designed for comfort and everyday use. Her pieces have been spotted on fashion icon Gigi Hadid, on the Oscar's red carpet, and have been featured in notable publications. She has cultivated a small team of women artists to help craft her handmade creations in her Austin, Texas studio. Her goal is to continue to grow her brand and create more jobs for local women seeking a career that allows them to create with their hands in an environment that is supportive and encouraging of personal growth and financial independence. Creating jewelry from the heart makes her pieces more than just accessories, they are an expression of love in physical form. 

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