Leena & Lu

About The Brand

Founded in 2018 by two sisters, Leena & Lu combines the best that Peru and the United States have to offer to create luxury sleepwear unlike any other. The brand has sourced the softest organic fair trade cotton that is not only safer for you and your family, but is better for the environment. Their entire production process is free of chemicals and pesticides, so the sleepwear is not only better for you, but also the farmers, workers, and the world we live in. The colors come from all natural dyes and the brand only produces in small batches with an intense focus on quality, not quantity. Leena & Lu is changing the way we view sleepwear so don’t be surprised if you find yourself not wanting to get out of these comfy pieces in the morning. The sophisticated styles aren’t just for sleeping in; they easily transition into daytime loungewear. Leena & Lu is taking care of us all with our health and the wellness of the world in mind.