About The Brand

At L’Envers, the mission is to design fewer pieces made in a better way. They believe quality is an investment in the future, that clothing ought to be made in mindful ways, and that our planet deserves better. That’s why they create season-less pieces. Away from the tyranny of seasons, L’Envers offers timeless editions which are meant to stand the test of time and outlive fast fads. Since 2015, all of L’Envers pieces have been knitted in local, small family workshops in Spain, home of founder, Julie and her family. They wanted to give a voice to the local artisans specialized in knitwear who have suffered from the relocation of the textile industry to Asia. The pure materials, selected exclusively from French and Spanish spinning mills, are noble and respectful of the environment. Their creations are intended for women all over the globe to be inspired by local artisanal production, by slow and respectful fashion, and the stories of the hidden hands behind the confection of their clothes. They are an independent French brand based in Spain, unattached to a major group or financial funding meaning the only interests they defend are those of the planet and their artisans. L’Envers visits their artisans often and has strong relationships with each of them. The proximity of their ateliers is an essential element to guarantee the best working conditions for employees, make sure they have limited impact through local production, and ensure high-quality pieces that will accompany you for years to come. All materials are carefully selected from their mills which allows L’Envers to control the manufacturing conditions of their yarns and to guarantee the quality of non-toxic materials dangerous to your health and the environment.