About The Brand

At Gracemade, they believe that being a faith-driven company encompasses being responsible stewards of the earth God has given us, and treating people with love, respect, and kindness. The brand was created by Jasmine Rennie as a means for women to express their personal style while honoring their faith. They do this by running the company ethically and incorporating sustainable practices into their business model. Gracemade shares that haven’t got this all down perfectly, but are continuously learning and are committed to being transparent throughout the journey. All their fabrics are currently sourced locally. They incorporate deadstock fabric into the majority of their collection and also aim to use as many natural fibers as possible like linen, tencel, and organic cotton. All their manufacturing is done in small batches in the United States, with the majority being produced in Los Angeles. This allows them to oversee the working conditions and safety of their manufacturers, and ensure workers are being treated with respect and care. Producing domestically allows Gracemade to be able to contribute to the local economy and reduce energy usage by limiting transportation. Small-scale production helps them to eliminate waste associated with overproduction and excess inventory.

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