About The Brand

At Fullup, they strive to create minimalist, premium, durable shoes with a smaller footprint. Their collection brings together innovative materials and smart design, inspired by creative urban professionals who care about our beautiful planet. The brand aims to make decisions that are better for people and the environment. Why? The world is overflowing with landfills, destructive industries, and outdated business models. Driven by an urgent need for change, Fullup was founded in 2018 with a belief that there's a different way of doing business. Since then, every decision they've made has been guided by their core values: innovative, conscious, considered. Fullup designs all of their products to last because they believe in the beauty of simplicity, as well as quality over quantity. They allow their core values to guide them at every stage of the product development process and collaborate with traceable supply chain partners who share their sustainable vision. The brand has committed to using 94% recycled PET (rPET) fibers in their knit upper and a 100% recyclable patented sole. Additionally, they maintain a fully traceable supply chain that includes globally audited factories providing clean, fair, and safe environments for workers. Over time, Fullup plans to introduce localized, on-demand production, more recyclable materials, and circular business models because they can and will do better.

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