E I T H E R / O R

About The Brand

E I T H E R / O R is a collection of leather footwear handmade with care. The timeless craft of shoemaking was something the brand wanted to revive and revere, so they turned to Mexico, Portugal, and Peru for their incredible leather finishing and skilled handwork. After working for years as a shoe designer in New York, Paige, decided to leave the fast-fashion world to start a brand that focused on quality and sustainability at an inclusive price. After dreaming and talking with her husband, TC, for years, they finally launched E I T H E R / O R from their apartment in Queens in 2020. With a background in sustainable building, TC is passionate about finding ways to reduce waste while creating products that last and break down naturally once their lifecycle is over. After the launch of E I T H E R / O R, Emily joined as a third partner to Paige and TC in order to help create the vision and strategy for the future of the company. The brand employs a social cooperative to weave custom textiles, uses the best quality vegetable-tanned leathers, pays beyond fair wages, offsets their shipping carbon footprint., and also uses post-consumer, plastic-free packaging.