About The Brand

CONRADO was founded by fashion designer Angela Sison. Angela has worked in the fashion industry in New York, California, and Paris. She grew up in the Philippines in her family’s textile factory and some of her earliest memories are of counting buttons and trimming thread. Angela treasures her upbringing in the Philippines and spent a lot of time thinking about how people would go from the city to the beach wearing the same clothes. She wanted pieces that transitioned easily. Pieces that are simple, sophisticated, and seamless. She knew she wanted her fabrics to be natural and textured, and thinks of her pieces as New England meets the Tropics with the effortless California vibe. Angela works on all the patterns and chooses to use deadstock fabric that she searches for during her travels, which is why her styles are all limited edition. The pieces are produced in the Philippines in Angela’s mothers small family-run factory, and she is constantly traveling to work closely with her skilled seamstresses and pattern makers. A close relationship with her artisans makes for the superior quality of Conrado.