Abby Alley

About The Brand

Abby Alley is a brand that believes in people over products. They have a profound love for fashion as a means of self-expression but emphasize that their brand goes beyond mere products. Abby Alley values partnership, collaboration, a sustainable lifestyle, progress, and constant self-improvement. Their products symbolize the world they aspire to inhabit – a world that is slower, more thoughtful, and intentional, with an emphasis on high quality and timeless beauty, defined by their own standards. Abby, the founder, transitioned from being an educator to an entrepreneur after volunteering in Tanzania and being inspired by East African culture, craftsmanship, and fair trade. In 2016, she launched Abby Alley, which specializes in jewelry and bags, rooted in principles of quality, timeless design, collaboration, and authenticity. Abby's entrepreneurial journey was a leap of faith that aimed to inspire women to step out of their comfort zones. The brand partners with makers in Kenya and Tanzania who share their commitment to fair trade and high-quality standards. Employees receive wages above national standards, and all products are handmade in small batches, reflecting the brand's focus on intentional choices.

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