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Behind The Brand: Anisa Nordén and Jenny Eckerud, Founders at Nature Hommage

Behind The Brand: Anisa Nordén and Jenny Eckerud, Founders at Nature Hommage

We’re so thrilled to share our latest Behind The Brand interview with founders of sustainable activewear brand, Nature Hommage, Anisa Nordén and Jenny Eckerud! Both Anisa and Jenny are based in Sweden, and their brand has been part of the Consciously family since our inception. Read on to learn more about their backgrounds, interest in sustainability, how Nature Hommage came to be, their advice on how to live more consciously, and more.



First off, tell us about your background! Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like? What shaped you to be who you are today?

Jenny: I'm Jenny, one of the founders of Nature Hommage. I am 26 years old and currently live in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. I grew up in the country where I lived for 20 years before I moved for new adventures in the city. Growing up close to nature by a lake has made me appreciate the harmony that nature and the water gives, something that has shaped me a lot throughout the years.


Anisa: I was born in Singapore but have lived in Sweden the majority of my life. I moved to Stockholm for my University studies and am currently living here. When I was younger I went on holiday with my parents to places such as Indonesia and Malaysia, exploring some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It was here my interest for the ocean and all marine things stemmed from.


Where does your interest in the issue of sustainability stem from?

Jenny: My interest in environmental issues started several years ago. For me, it is more a matter of course to act according to the environment and not a common interest. There is so much to do, in terms of food, industries, clothing, fuel, etc. and unfortunately we have not paid enough attention to the climate which makes the future more about saving the environment rather than coexisting with it. Documentaries such as "Before the Flood'' have also made me understand more and I would like to see more companies adopt the environmental issue in their daily decisions.


Anisa: Growing up I remembered that I was fascinated by the ocean and everything beneath its surface. This led me to pursue both scuba diving and later on free-diving. On one dive I remember seeing a lot of plastics floating by. Having seen myself, the direct effects of plastic debris on marine life, I felt I had to do something rather than just watching from the sidelines.


What are the origin stories of Nature Hommage? How has the company evolved since?

The idea of Nature Hommage was born a couple of years ago. Both of us are interested in both health and nature. We were looking for sustainable, innovative activewear but did not find anything that lived up to our standards of sustainability, material and design. This was the starting point of Nature Hommage. We started exploring fabrics, manufacturers and partnerships. Since then, the brand has been featured in magazines such as Vanity Fair, ELLE and Grazia, won awards and is now present in over 25 countries.


What does your typical day look like?

Jenny: Since I work for myself, my schedule varies widely every day. I spend most of my time emailing clients and going through strategies and the economic side of the business with my business partner. I also spend a few hours of each day emailing with new marketplaces and retailers. Some days are only about photo shoots, making sure our Instagram, website and clients have good and updated content. So about half of my time is spent working directly with clients, and a quarter of my time is spent working with our content and collaborations. Much of the rest of the time is spent working directly with my partner, attending daily meetings related to our progress and development.


Anisa: I begin my day with some reading, journaling and meditation. After this I check and reply emails and plan what needs to be done for the day. Daily tasks look very different, it can be everything from exploring new collaboration opportunities, communicating with potential retailers, evaluating analytics data or discussing marketing strategies with my business partner. Every day is different, which makes it very interesting! I always try to do some sort of physical activity during lunchtime or in the afternoon, whether it being a tougher HIIT exercise or a power walk.


Talk to us about how you and your team think about design. How are you intentional about the products you create, why do you use the fabrics you use, and how do you go about sourcing them?

Everything behind the brand is intentional - when it comes to manufacturing, designs and packaging. Sustainability is at the core of the brand and drives every decision we make. All of Nature Hommage’s designs are timeless and minimalistic, and crafted to last for many years to come. They never go out of style. We use the most innovative and sustainable fabrics. Made from recycled plastic waste such as fishing nets recovered from oceans and landfills we are able to create pieces from existing resources and help better the ocean environment at the same time.


Where do you manufacture the products? How do you oversee your supply chain?

Our manufacturer is located in Bali, Indonesia. During production time, we are in daily conversations about detailed decisions and are then overseeing the sewing of the products. We also have close contact with the fabric producer, Econyl, which keeps us updated with sustainability reports.


Who are your makers and how are they taken care of?

Our makers live in Bali, close to the factory where they create our clothing. The Gov. of Indonesia exempted our manufacturer as they fulfilled all regulations on employee treatment, waste disposal & sanitation by paying the makers above minimum wage and offering company-wide health insurance for their employees and their families. Our manufacturer also provides its employees with a fresh, healthy cooked meal for lunch every day and double wages for overtime.


What's your "Why"?

Jenny: I love the creation itself, to build a platform where you are able influence and create change in the world.


Anisa: My ‘why’ is to help the ocean and planet in any way that I can.


What's your personal favorite Nature Hommage product?

Jenny: My personal favorite may be revealed in the picture. I would say a pair of Classic Leggings in the color Sand. Love the fit, color and buttery softness of the fabric.


Anisa: I love all of the pieces so it is difficult to just pick one. But my heart is beating a bit extra for the Compression Crop Top in Snow. Its simplicity, cleancut details and color make it a perfect piece to match with any other item from Nature Hommage.


What's one piece of advice you would give to our readers on how to live more consciously?

Jenny: That is a very broad question. From a shopping and fashion point of view, I recommend choosing brands with care. Today, there are many more sustainable brands that offer clothes created from sustainable materials, however, there are unfortunately several brands that create a few things in sustainable materials and which then call themselves completely sustainable. Another tip is to think very long term, will I use this in 10-20 years? Shop for quality items and do not pile items in your closet without using them. Shopping for garments and accessories in second hand shops is also recommended. There are so many great second hand stores that have established themselves in recent years!


Anisa: During the last couple of years I have introduced minimalism into my life and tried to declutter it as much as possible. For me it is more about the quality of what I own rather than quantity and the material things I am surrounded by all have a meaning and purpose in my life. I would give the advice to be more thoughtful and mindful of what you own, both for your own mind and for the sake of the planet. Don’t consume more than necessary and be more mindful of what you consume. If you are going to purchase something ask yourself the following questions. Do I really need it? Do I really love it? Will I use it for many years to come?



We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview! You can shop Nature Hommage products here on Consciously.

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